Our Team

  • Regulatory Manager

    With over a decade of transportation of dangerous goods experience and loyal customers from Montreal to Vancouver, Mark Tadros knows this industry inside and out. Services customers of all sizes and speaks fluently in both English and French.

    Mark Tadros

    General Manager

    Mark Tadros
  • Regulatory Expert

    Instructor Bio:

    Vancouver based Environmental Specialist with a Masters of Science in Geography and Environmental Studies from the University of Regina. His expertise include the scientific analysis of the aquatic, aeolian, and terrestrial environment. Evan is also an expert in the various Dangerous Goods regulations from the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling Chemicals, to the IATA DGR.

    Evan Kraemer

    Regulatory Specialist

    Evan Kraemer
  • Senior IATA DGR Expert

    Instructor Bio:

    Vancouver based dangerous goods regulatory specialist for the last 30 years. Expert in dangerous goods regulations complying with Canadian, American and United Nations standards.

    Anthony Herben

    Senior IATA DGR Specialist

    Anthony  Herben
  • Online Instructor

    Instructor Bio:

    Silky vocals and direct content style teacher. Takes the time to explain everything throughly and ensure you clearly understand.

    Mike Klassen

    Online Instructor

    Mike  Klassen